Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goldfish Types - Ranchu

The mighty Ranchu "King" of the goldfish of Japan! The Ranchu Goldfish is very suitable for ponds and is most striking when seen from above. The Ranchu Goldfish resembles the Lionhead Goldfish, but the posterior dorsal contour is much more curved on the Ranchu Goldfish. The Ranchu has a short, round body and short fins with no dorsal fin. One other distinguishing feature that separates the Ranchu Goldfish from the Lionhead Goldfish is the tail, which is splayed sideways with lower lobes sometimes being located nearly horizontal on the Ranchu Goldfish. The Lionhead Goldfish on the other hand, has a tail similar to the Fantail Goldfish.

The ancestors of the Ranchu date back to the late 1600s. Starting in the early 1800s during the Meiji Period (1870-1885), pictures show some signs of head growth which can be very prominent on the Ranchu of today. The history of the Ranchu Goldfish begins in China, but it was in Japan that the breed was really developed and perfected. The Ranchu goldfish is also known as Buffalo-head Goldfish.

Black Ranchu

Calico Ranchu



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