Friday, June 22, 2007

Frontosa - Cyphotilapia Frontosa

The cichlid Cyphotilapia frontosa a.k.a frontosa is a magnificent looking species from the great lakes of East Africa. They are found in the deep waters of Lake Tanganyika at depths up to and even beyond 100 feet. Frontosas are a large cichlid with males growing from 14 to 16 inches long and females from 9 to 12 inches long.

Cyphotilapia frontosa will eat almost anything. They are primarily meat eaters so that should be considered when planning their diets in the home aquarium. Diets of the frontosa varies but some common diets include krill, adult brine shrimp, worms (blood, black, earth, etc.), feeding fish, ghost shrimp, spirulina, and more in live, frozen, flake, and pellet form.

Cyphotilapia frontosa are commonly bred in the home aquarium and many captive bred species are available from breeders. Frontosa are mouth brooders. Mouth brooding is a method of reproduction common among lake cichlids. After fertilization, the female frontosa will carry the eggs in her mouth for the incubation period. After the fry (babies) have hatched and consumed their yolk they will begin to swim outside but will retreat to the safety of their mothers mouth if threatened. After a couple of days the mother will no longer accept the fry back into her mouth. The parents will protect the fry for awhile but they will soon be on their own for survival.



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